Show 38: The Bronxer, Alex Rivera

December 2, 2019 We meet one of the rising stars in the city, Alex Rivera, aka The Bronxer. He’s part of the driving creative energy coming out of The Bronx as a visual artist and creative, with his photographs gaining […]

Joe Conzo, Jr

Show 33: Photographer Joe Conzo, Jr.

June 17, 2019 On our second episode recorded at Bronx Native, we sit down with photographer Joe Conzo, Jr. He shot the photos for 111 Places In The Bronx That You Must Not Miss, which came out this month. Joe […]

Show 30: Painter Sonya Sklaroff

April 29, 2019 We are back in the studio at The Lambs with contemporary painter Sonya Sklaroff. It is a good show for a few reasons: Not only is it Joanna’s birthday, but she went to elementary school with Sonya, […]

Show 13: Sculptor Mike Dominick

August 27, 2018 Art surrounds us and there are creators amongst us dreaming up new and expressive ways to make it. One of those is American sculptor Mike Dominick, founder of the molten iron painting movement. For 20 years he’s […]

Billy the Artist

Show 4: Billy the Artist

June 18, 2018 The first guest on our show is Billy The Artist, Billy Miller. On episode 4 of Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show, we welcome Billy. He’s been a resident of the East Village since 1990 and has had […]