Show 47: Back from the 27-Month Break

The podcast is finally back. Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show took an extended break since the last episode in March 2022. Episode 47 here, and we are catching up and planning big things for the show. For Kevin, it was […]

Patrick and Jo

Show 45: Shower Curtain Patrick

In our second podcast from our too-long hiatus, we welcome our first guest to sit down with us. Shower Curtain Patrick (his bar name) is a longtime regular customer of Joanna’s, and he invented a radical new shower curtain design. […]

Jo and Kevin

Show 44: Return from Hiatus

January 25, 2022 In our first broadcast together since May 2020, we settle into the groove of getting the Big Show back up and running. We are together again at The Lambs, catching up. It is indeed sad that we […]

Miss Elizabeth

Show 42: Quarantine Style with Queen Elizabeth

May 2, 2020 With rhinestones on her facemask and wearing purple or camouflage, the always-stylish Queen Elizabeth is out with quarantine fashion in Brooklyn these days. We chat with the Williamsburg resident while she’s stuck at home, sometimes on her […]

Show 41: A Titanic Talk with Guide Dave Gardner

April 23, 2020 It’s the ship everyone has heard about. For the 41st episode of the podcast—still recorded remotely—Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show welcomes tour guide Dave Gardner who offers RMS Titanic walking tours. Dave has a wealth of knowledge […]

Show 40: Comedian Todd Montesi

April 17, 2020 We need to laugh. For the 40th episode of the podcast—and the first one recorded remotely—Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show welcomes comedian Todd Montesi. For more than a dozen years he’s been the host of a roving […]

Show 39: The Bowery Boys

February 12, 2020 The stars aligned and we were able to bring New York’s favorite podcast heroes on the Big Show: Greg Young and Tom Meyers. They are best known as The Bowery Boys, and for more than 300 episodes […]

Show 38: The Bronxer, Alex Rivera

December 2, 2019 We meet one of the rising stars in the city, Alex Rivera, aka The Bronxer. He’s part of the driving creative energy coming out of The Bronx as a visual artist and creative, with his photographs gaining […]