Miss Elizabeth

May 2, 2020

With rhinestones on her facemask and wearing purple or camouflage, the always-stylish Queen Elizabeth is out with quarantine fashion in Brooklyn these days. We chat with the Williamsburg resident while she’s stuck at home, sometimes on her sewing machine adding bling to her vintage clothes. By day she works for one the most recognizable fashion designers, but that is on hold for now. A longtime regular at Doc Holliday’s and other East Village joints, Liz is one of our favorite people and we’ve been trying to get this good friend on the show for months and months. We talk about social distancing and meeting friends on Zoom, what it’s like to not be able to go to bowling alleys and parties, and how we are all making the best of a bad situation. Just the fact that Liz is fashioning better-looking facemasks to wear around is reason enough to listen to our show. Follow her Instagram for more about her.

Joanna and Kevin are both doing creative endeavors during the stay-at-home time period. On Fridays at 5pm Jo hosts a virtual happy hour. And Kevin has virtual walking tours.

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