Show 47: Back from the 27-Month Break

The podcast is finally back. Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show took an extended break since the last episode in March 2022. Episode 47 here, and we are catching up and planning big things for the show. For Kevin, it was […]

Show 41: A Titanic Talk with Guide Dave Gardner

April 23, 2020 It’s the ship everyone has heard about. For the 41st episode of the podcast—still recorded remotely—Joanna and Kevin’s Big Show welcomes tour guide Dave Gardner who offers RMS Titanic walking tours. Dave has a wealth of knowledge […]

DeeAnne Gorman, Kevin Walsh, Marie Carter

Show 28: Forgotten New York’s Kevin Walsh

March 25, 2019 We help Kevin Walsh celebrate 20 years of running his award-winning site Forgotten New York. Kevin has been documenting the changing and forgotten bits of the five boroughs with meticulous block-by-block dedication for two decades. In Episode […]

Show 22: Ranger Joe Korber

January 31, 2019 The first uniformed guest we’ve had on the show is Ranger Joe Korber, however, due to the government shutdown the day we recorded the episode, Joe had no uniform or Smokey campaign hat on. Joe is a […]

Show 17: Lindsey Loves History

November 12, 2018 Before New York City was on the map it was New Amsterdam, and on this episode of the Big Show we meet someone who loves this era. Lindsey Mulholland is a public historian, museum volunteer, and tour […]