Dave McWater

February 25, 2019

Listen to East Village legend Dave McWater, the ultimate city raconteur. Our guest explains how he left Oklahoma for NYU and achieved success by following his grandfather’s advice about working hard. Dave has owned Doc Hollidays for 25 years, and with savvy acumen has three more classic bars in his portfolio: D.B.A., Library Bar, and Milano’s. He has been involved in sports management since the ‘90s and now heads Split-T Management, which is managing rising stars in the boxing world. Dave is a humble guy and Joanna and Kevin are lucky to have him on our 25th episode. The show is about what makes New York City great, and by listening to Dave you get a real double dose from a man who has been doing just that for more than a quarter century.

We find out all of this and more in this exclusive podcast recorded live at The Lambs. Our theme song is by Big Ed Cody of the Whiskey Wranglers.

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